Review of the Dainese Gran Turismo Gore-Tex jacket

If you rack big touring distances, ride in all-weather and multi-climate; and looking for that quintessential technical riding jacket, this could be just what you’re looking for.

Introducing the 2019 Dainese Gran Turismo Gore-Tex jacket.




Jacket comes with Pro-Armor back protector (CE Level 2), and removable elbow and shoulder protectors (also CE Level 2). 3M reflective inserts: Two in the front, two on the arms and one on the back.  

Jacket is made up of Nylon 6.6 high abrasion resistant fabric and Armacor (Waterproof, Windproof, Durable, Breathable and Tough) with Kevlar inserts on critical impact areas.

Two reasons why the above mentioned are important: Impact and Abrasion.

Impact protection when you hit the ground. Abrasion protection when you slide after impact.




The main feature is the laminated Gore-Tex. Laminated, not a separate internal waterproof liner.

This equates to saying goodbye to internal waterproof liners, or external raincoats. Gore-Tex is still the industry’s gold standard for waterproofing and breathability.

When riding big distances it usually includes highway riding and stretches of rain. Which translates to stopping to put on rain gear. And stopping to take off rain gear, when the rain stops.

Other than the inconvenience, more importantly is the safety factor. Of NOT being exposed to passing cars and trucks. Couple that with bad visibility and wet roads due to the bad weather, (because that’s why you pulled over) you’re not in the best place to be. Now all you have to do is open or close the vent and carry on riding.


Venting and comfort

Two direct-to-the-body chest vents, one rear exhaust vent.


That’s it. No cumbersome straps or buttons or magnetic faps to do on the bike while you’re riding because of changing weather conditions.

The direct-to-the-body chest vents provide that channel of air space to let the wind pass through from the font vent to the rear exhaust, cooling your insides.



Two external pockets, two internal pockets and one large rear cargo pocket.

Have ridden in the jacket in a pouring thunderstorm and the passport remains nice and dry in the front pocket, it is a very good thing. Say goodbye to Ziploc bags!


Lumbar belt

kidney-beltBuilt in the internal part of the jacket. Adjustable.

My favourite part of the jacket: the built-in lumbar belt. Lumbar support is key for long rides, especially if you have a bad back. And having one lesser, separate item to lug around in the form of a lumbar or kidney belt, is brilliant. The lumbar belt also makes wearing the jacket extra snug.


Gloves Outer Pockets

glove-holderTwo dedicated pockets to place your gloves.

More thoughtful features are these 2 pistol holder-like side pockets near the arm pits. They’re used for sticking in your gloves! Now that’s really a godsend when you go in and out thru immigration check points and you need to do biometric thumbprint reads, and passport stamping.


Collar button

collarSnap button that lets you wear the collar open or closed.

Most jackets have a Mandarin style collar for practical reasons: they snap quickly and keep wind and rain from entering from the top. However when you do leave the collar open, because it’s a hot day, the collar tends to flap about at speeds, which can be a bloody nuisance.  Not anymore.


Arm cinches


Zip to adjust sleeve arms for a close fit

While other brands report to straps with Velcro or buttons, Dainese replaced that with a zip. Very elegant.


Double-ended zippers


Double-ended zippers that can zip upwards, or downwards.


Touring jackets tend to be longer. The rationale is more storage on long trips to stow away items like passports, sunshades, money, snacks, keys, etc. However, at times, the touring jacket will get in the way when you are on the bike because of its length. You’ll scrunch up the jacket, your tummy and your hips when your hands are reaching out for the bars. But now, you just zip up from the bottom, to let the sides of the jacket expand comfortably.


Jacket-pants fastening system


Jacket can zip up to your riding pants

Usually to prevent your pants from sliding down or your jacket from sliding up. It can be a huge safety issue when your jacket slides up in the event of a crash.


Thumb gaiter

A gaiter that you stick your thumb (and the rest of your fingers) thru at the end of the sleeve

These is great for wet weather riding, as it forms a protective membrane so water will not seep in from your sleeve. Optional item – can be zipped off.


Removable inner thermal fleece and collar

Thermal fleece and collar are removable. Both easily stored in the rear waterproof cargo pocket.   

Having a thermal fleece is a non-event when you’re riding in a tropical country, but try riding a bike in a temperate country in winter. Thermal fleece looks good and can be worn off the bike as well. Thermal collar to cut down wind chill factor.


Overall look and feel


Looks, weight and cut

There’s no denying that we buy with our eyes. You could have the most technical, highest safety-standards jacket but it makes you feel like a dork, you’ll never wear it. The Dainese Gran Turismo Gore-Tex jacket looks and makes you feel indestructible. It’s significantly light. Note that Dainese works with NASA to keep astronauts light and comfortable for their journey to Mars. And the proof is in the pudding, or rather this jacket.

Dainese jackets, being Italian-cut flatters your body shape in a way the Italians do so well. Everything is put together really well. The stitching lines are fine, there is distinction in the multi-material sections and there is an air of premium for the entire package.

I’m wearing the black/ebony. Two other colors are offered: black/fluo-yellow and black/orange/ebony.


What could be better

Now, any self-respecting review can’t be all one-sided. One, the front pocket seemed to be over-engineered for water-proofing: the opening seals are cut smaller than the entire length of the top opening. Couple that with the waterproofed flap, it makes retrieving items in and out of them difficult.

Two: The zip adjusting features of the side pockets make the jacket flare out a little. It’s no big deal but it does interrupt the sleeker silhouette.



The Dainese Gran Turismo Gore-Tex jacket retails at S$1699 at Dainese Singapore (, which is a fair amount. But it justifies its price based on its technical features and heritage.


Which bring to the last point, would I recommend this jacket?

And the answer is Yes.

It fits exactly for the rider who does big touring distances, ride in all-weather and multi-climate; and, as mentioned earlier, demands that quintessential technical riding jacket. It’s got maximum comfort, safety and practicality points. And if you are like me, where you like travelling light, this also means lesser items to carry.

And you could say, while jackets are jackets; the devil is in the details. The thoughtful features are many. Features you would not notice if you’re used to basic offerings, but features which once you get used to, would be pretty hard to live without!

The Dainese Gran Turismo Gore-Tex jacket: It looks good, feels good and best of all, functions even better.